Kindergarten sports day “Spoorthi”

Sports play very important role in our life. It is said that education is incomplete without Sports. Sports helps in overall development in children. Sport Day will encourage young kids to stay healthy and it improves mental and physical health. Sports play an important part in character building.  

In recognition of the need to inculcate the sporting spirit among the kids, HGS had organised Annual Sports Day “Spoorthi” for kindergarten children on 10th November 2023. The event provided an ideal opportunity for the children to demonstrate their prowess in various sporting disciplines.  The students came in colour coded sports attire. The sporting extravaganza commenced with the torch run by the students of all the kindergarten students followed invocation dance.  The Sports Day also had a spectacular drill session which the students put up for entertainment of the parents and other spectators.  They also performed various exercises using pompom, which was followed by Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga and Dumble dance. The children also participated in a wide range of races like jungle race,  fill the bottle race, hurdle race etc., The parents enthusiastically cheered on as the students to the track to compete with their peers. HGS also organised games for the parents. 

The event was concluded by distributing the prizes for  winning students as well as parents. It was a fun filled day for one and all.