Shri. Lokesh Krishnappa

Inspiring the educational policy design of Hegemony Global School with a remarkable vision of an innovative and inclusive approach of empowering our society, Hegemony Global School Chairman Shri Lokesh Krishnappa has laid down the foundation for the visionary path of ‘Educational Excellence’ in our dynamic school ecosystem.
Guiding the school fraternity towards realizing the effulgent dreams of a progressive educational framework, our sagacious Chairman Shri. Lokesh Krishnappa has shown profound dedication to expanding the outreach of quality education to every part of our social fabric. Spearheading the inception of umpteen successful educational institutions, his vast and illustrious experience in the smooth functioning and running of educational institutions has proved to be the corner stone of Hegemony Global School.
Our Honourable Chairman expounds the opinion that the key to student holistic development is the triad of technology, innovation and value based education. He deeply believes in making the children life-ready, enlivened with a robust character and nurturing an unrelenting love for our mother country. The Hegemony Global School Flagbearers, School Committee Members, Dignitaries have been personally cherry picked by him as they form the rare and precious jewels of the Hegemony Global School crown.

Our esteemed Chairman has endearing regards for the teaching fraternity and believes them to have the power of creating an ‘Enlightened India’. He also keeps the Hegemony Global School Parent Fraternity in high regards as he feels that the real groundwork of successful education begins at home. Hegemony Global School is proud to be budding in the hands of the great Visionary and Educationist – Shri Lokesh Krishnappa.
Treading the trails of path-breaking leadership of our Honourable Chairman, The Hegemony Global School indeed aspires to apply creative and sustainable learning programs to achieve a resplendent paradigm of academic and educational success.

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