Hegemony Global School recognises the importance of providing learning environments that allow students to engage in creative and thoughtful activities that encourage cognitive and emotional development of their mind. Forging ahead with a vision to create elementary foundations that encourage children to expand their horizons of perspective and understanding, Hegemony Global School engages with various groups and NGOs which are working for the social good. Students are also closely involved with community groups that support Indian Art and Culture. Our students are also exposed to various works of numerous social reformers, like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Baba Amte and alike, who have impacted our lives with their thought-provoking contributions to society. As an effort to ignite creative thinking and humanitarian ways of perceiving the world with an unbiased view, Hegemony Global School students regularly engage with lessons that have a societal and cultural implication in tandem with their holistic development.