“ Athletics is the mother of all sports and every child must try it out once during his school days.” – Milkha Singh

Athleticism is the foundational spirit of all sporting endeavours at Hegemony Global School. With a strong sense of encouraging our students to engage in athletics, our Athletics Club inspires the school to expand the boundaries of personal and collective sporting excellence. Students actively participate in Inter & Intra School Athletics Competitions held at the school campus with laudable grit in Short races, Sprints, 200m race, Hurdles races, Relays, Shot-put and Long Jumps. The racetracks of Hegemony Global School grounds bear the testament of our students treading the path of self-discipline and determination. Our Athletics grounds are indeed witness to the numerous year-long athletic competitions where school athletics records are made and broken to champion the persevering and competitive spirit of Hegemony Global School sporting endeavours.