ISRO Field Trip 2023 : Inspiring the Next Generation with Chandrayaan 3

The field trip to ISRO by Grade 8,9 and 10 students from Hegemony Global School on October 31, 2023, was a highly informative and engaging experience. Accompanied by their class teachers, the students embarked on this educational journey in the school bus. During the visit, the students received a wealth of information, particularly about Chandrayaan 3.

ISRO showcased multiple models of Chandrayaan, with one of them being the authentic original. The students had the opportunity to explore and understand the intricacies of each part, as ISRO typically manufactures two sets of every component. The students’ curiosity was evident as they posed numerous questions about Chandrayaan, and the ISRO team provided clear and comprehensive clarifications.

The ISRO team shared valuable insights into various aspects of Chandrayaan, including its launch process, the type of fuel used, the materials comprising the satellite, the functions of different parts, and the timeline of its operations, including the Rover. This firsthand knowledge contributed significantly to the students’ understanding of space exploration and satellite technology.

The field trip, which commenced at 8:45 a.m., concluded with the school bus returning to Hegemony Global School by 12 noon. The students left the facility motivated and inspired by the remarkable work conducted by ISRO. Witnessing the advanced technology and dedication of the ISRO team, the students gained a deeper appreciation for the efforts put forth in space exploration. The visit also highlighted the support and facilities provided by the government to those working at ISRO, leaving the students with a sense of pride and enthusiasm.

This experience not only expanded the students’ knowledge but also fueled their motivation, evident in their eagerness to create drawings inspired by ISRO. The field trip to ISRO undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students, fostering a greater interest in space science and exploration.

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