Ethnic Day Celebrations at Hegemony Global school

Diversity makes the world more beautiful…!

Students of Hegemony Global school Kindergarten Wing celebrated Ethnic Day on 13th October in full pomp and splendor.

In the era of modernization and westernization when most of the people are moving away from their own culture and history, events like Ethnic day enable the young generation to revive love and respect for their own culture and history.

In HGS Kindergarten, we had celebrated Ethnic day to make them understand the diversity of vibrant and colourful India and our cultures. The children were given the opportunity to give speeches, dances and ramp walks representing their own state. The whole campus was charged with ethnic atmosphere where a mini-India was created with students in their dazzling, colourful, exquisite traditional apparels.

It was indeed a pleasant break from the monotony and the subtle major impact; the feel-good factor had a very favorable effect on the blooming buds’ emotional well-being.

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