Christmas Lights

Christmas works like glue. It keeps us all sticking together.

A story that is said for the last 2000 years, recalls a king born on Christmas morn. This saviour’s birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas every year. All over the world is pasted a picture of snow and joy. Every Christmas season is filled with giving and receiving gifts. A time that is made memorable for all.

Traditions associated with the Christmas holiday are diverse in their origins and nature. Without the culture influenced traditions the season is left incomplete. Right from the end of November, the Christmas lights begin to shine.

Deck The Halls!

The practice of putting up special decorations at Christmas has a long history. Starting with a star that is hung on every door. It was a sight to behold to see every class at HGS shinning bright with a star at its threshold signalling the birth. A Christmas tree is placed and decorated with every kind of ornament. Lights are hung in creative measures to add to the allure of Christmas. Children take delight in making their classroom have the Christmas feel. Every child is involved and a smile on each of their face says it all.

Away in a manger

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at HGS celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children. Our little children of the kindergarten presented a skit on the “Birth of jesus”,

The precious gifts of hope, peace, joy and love were the gifts, God handed us with the birth of Jesus Christ.  In turn, we must do similar for those less beholden than ourselves.

A small crib is set up to remind everyone what the celebration is about. The age old story is precisely set within the four walls of a stable. From the three kings who came to visit down to the innocent lamb that shared its hay. Everyone equally important as the other completes the story of the Christ’s birth. You could see a small manger set up in classes to tell the story.

Oh come let us adore Him!

The day was celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy at HGS. All dressed in the colors of the season in red, white and green with the Santa cap(a must and should). As we assembled to start off the celebrations, what better way to do it than with carols. A choir was all ready with melodious songs to set the mood. Accompanied by just a guitar it was so melodious and a memorable performance.

This year a skit was performed a little out of the traditional nativity scene. Year after year we see the story of the birth of Jesus, but this year, a taught us to hear the voice of God and open our hearts to him. He may come in different forms and he may be not what u expect, But he is God none the less. The students depicted this very beautifully with their skit and it was truly a message for the season.

A dance to the beats of a Christmas carol brought about the enthusiasm amongst every single child. A few students danced and put on a show to behold. The teachers along with our Vice Principal too came together to sing a few carols matching in red. This rounded off the event as it is a staple during Christmas.

Santa Claus is coming to town.

No Christmas is ever completed without the presence and mention of santa claus. We too had santa claus visit us at HGS. They joy amongst the students was immense and the smiles were bigger than what you normally see. Santa too didn’t come empty handed. Bearing sweets for everyone, wishing every single child, Santa was with us for a long time.

Joy to the world

The most awaited time of the whole day, the most celebrated time, the class party! Every class had a small class party with their teachers bringing all kinds of foods and snacks and cakes. Sharing their food and coming together. Games that are made for this season played and enjoyed. On such game being secret Santa. Each of them bringing gifts and exchanging them with their friends. The true Christmas spirit Celebrated in its true glory.

Feliz Navidad

As everyone left school, it was in the happiness of Christmas and the anticipation of the new year. Wishing each other the merriest Christmas to them and their families with the slight pang of missing happening. Promising to meet in the new year with eagerness of the future. A beautiful ending to the season at HGS.