Hegemony Global School faculty members are true personification of a highly qualified and trained array of professional teachers who are the backbone of our educational vision. With a diverse range of experienced teachers, the school faculty inherits the adaptive skills of empowering the students with a world-class knowledge base and life skills. With core expertise in their respective subjects of teaching, Hegemony Global School faculty members also excel at various fields of co-curricular and sports activities. Intertwining classroom learning with experiential learning skills, our faculty members play a huge role in shaping the future generations of our progeny. Our teaching fraternity is certified with the best league of Teacher Training Degrees & Programs and specialise in Adaptive Teaching Practices that emphasise developing a character and personality unique to each and every student. The Hegemony Global School Educational Program and vision drives its inherent source of passion for learning and its optimised delivery owing to the indefatigable contribution of our best ensemble of faculty members.

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